Webbie’s ‘Independent’ Video Predictions Blow Young Rappers’ Minds

In 2007, Baton Rouge rapper Webbie’s “Independent” video featured a scene in which a fake news clip reports on a US President being impeached. While the actor in the video didn’t resemble any president at the time, years later, in 2021, a sitting US President actually did get impeached… and that actor bears a pretty striking resemblance to that guy.

So, when our latest React Like You Know video panel — consisting of Uproxx faves like Blueface, DDG, Kali, KenTheMan, Jucee Froot, Strick, and more — gets a load of the video, their minds are appropriately blown. Considering the video dropped when many of them were still in primary school (meaning they likely missed the Clinton impeachment hearings of the ’90s, the probable inspiration behind the video), Webbie’s “prediction” must seem like sorcery.

Strick puts it best; “Man, them folks knew the future,” he jokes. KenTheMan echoes that sentiment, determining that “Webbie and Boosie knew some sh*t that we didn’t know!” They also note that the video’s other prediction of the first female Black president eventually being elected also recently came true — in part — with the election of Kamala Harris as Vice President under Joe Biden. And even if it’s only a technicality, it would also seem to be an eventuality, as well, making that prediction one of the safest long-term bets ever.

Of course, they also have plenty of nostalgia for the song, which reached No. 9 on the Billboard Hot 100, making it a certified defining hit of their youth. That doesn’t mean that they have any more luck singing along to it these days, as they amusingly misspell the title, which doubles as the hook. They don’t have to feel bad though; everybody other than Webbie and a few spelling bee champs probably struggle to keep up with the exuberant hit.

Check out the latest React Like You Know above.