Watch The Trailer For Killer Mike’s New Weed Docu-Series ‘Tumbleweeds,’ Dropping Just In Time For 4/20

4/20 is on the horizon and as you gear up with some great weed and good snacks to enjoy on the big day, don’t forget you’re going to need some content to watch while you relax and roll up. Enter Killer Mike’s new four-part docuseries, Tumbleweeds.

Made in collaboration with Weedmaps and premiering on Vice TV, Tumbleweeds finds Killer Mike exploring cannabis smoking hotspots like Las Vegas, San Francisco, New York, and Chicago and speaking with comedians, cannabis advocates, and business owners, and exploring dispensaries, clothing stores, restaurants, and whole neighborhoods to learn how cannabis positively shapes, affects, and builds community and inclusivity while exploring the impact and evolution of cannabis culture in America.

It’s a simple premise, but America has a long history of anti-cannabis (and frankly, racist) propaganda that has often positioned cannabis as something that outright destroys communities, so it’s dope (pun very much intended) to see Killer Mike and Weedmaps flip the script and modernize that conversation, bringing it to a more honest place in line with marijuana’s increasingly mainstream status.

Check out the exclusive trailer for Tumbleweeds above and be sure to catch the first two episodes (Las Vegas and San Francisco) on 4/20 on Vice TV and Vice TV streaming apps.