SOURCE SPORTS: Former World Champions Wladimir Klitschko and Vitali Klitschko Are Ready To Defend Ukraine

Former boxing champions Wladimir Klitschko and Vitali Klitschko are ready for some action. The Klitschko brothers are ready to fight for their beloved country of Ukraine.

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Wladimir enlisted in the Ukrainian reserve army three weeks before Russia’s invasion early Thursday, and Vitali – the mayor of Kyiv, Ukraine – said he’d also take up arms this week. 

“I’m calling to all international partners to observe this tragedy that is happening nowadays in Ukraine,” Wladimir said. ” … I just want to tell you we must stay united against this aggression, against Russian aggression. Don’t let it continue happening in Ukraine. Don’t let it happen in Europe and eventually the world. United, we’re strong. Support Ukraine.”


The Klitschko brothers clearly love their country and feel that the invasion is cruel and unnecessary. In the ring, they were a combined 109-7. Their presence alone could go a long way with their fellow countrymen.