SOURCE SPORTS: Michigan Head Coach Juwan Howard Took a Swipe At Wisconsin Assistant After Tough Loss

Things got extremely chippy at the of the Michigan vs Wisconsin college basketball game. In the postgame handshake line, Michigan coach Juwan Howard and Wisconsin coach Greg Gard got into a verbal altercation that turned physical when both teams convened near the scorer’s table.

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Howard was upset that Gard called a timeout in the final minute of the game when Wisconsin had a huge lead. Howard said something to Gard as they shook hands. Gard grabbed Howard with his left hand to stop him from moving along the handshake line and the situation quickly escalated with both coaches clearly angry.

The two were separated and another Wisconsin assistant began yelling at Howard. That’s when Howard took a swing at Wisconsin assistant Joe Krabbenhoft.


“Apparently, he didn’t like that I called a timeout to reset the 10-second call because we only had four seconds to get the ball over halfcourt,” Gard said. “And I didn’t want to put my backups, I had all my bench guys in the game, I didn’t want to put them in that position of scrambling with only four seconds. “So I took a timeout and I got us a new 10 seconds and helped them get organized and get the ball in. He did not like that when he came through the handshake line, so I’ll leave it at that and the tape will show the rest.

Howard will probably face some serve punishment for his actions which could included a lengthy suspension.