Jack Harlow Brought Pete Davidson Onstage During A Recent Show — And He Even Rapped A Verse

Pete Davidson is everywhere lately. Dating Kim Kardashian, co-hosting a New Year’s Eve special with Miley Cyrus, and now, rapping alongside Jack Harlow at his recent LA show at The Novo. Yes, that’s right, Pete can rap. Well, it’s not that surprising since he’s a natural performer and has years of experience hamming it up in all kinds of roles on Saturday Night Live, but if his stint onstage at Jack’s show was really off the cuff, and not rehearsed, then he’s definitely a bigger fan of Jack’s music than any of us knew.

Fans caught video of Jack bringing Pete up onstage during his rendition of “SUVs (Black On Black),” and Pete seemed to know every word when it was his turn to take the lead. He’s also a great hype man, as it turns out, ad-libbing and boosting up Jack’s performance in the meantime. It’s worth noting that Pete’s friendship with Jack predates his relationship with Kim, and the pair did a skit together during Jack’s appearance on Saturday Night Live last year. But hey, Pete, might as well strike while the iron is hot — drop a rap album and see where that takes him? He might have to check with Kim first on that one, though. Check out the video above.