Cardi B Said Her Four-Month-Old Is Already Talking: ‘Yo, This Is Crazy’

The rapper shared that her and Offset’s son said “hello” while they were watching ‘Cocomelon.’

Every parent thinks their little one is a genius miracle baby. But Cardi B has proof. In an Instagram Story on Wednesday (Jan. 5) the rapper shared that her and Offset‘s four-month-old son is already talking, and she just can’t deal.

“I’m not exaggerating. This baby is talking,” she said in the video that was time-coded at 7:39 a.m. “I put this on everything I love in the name of Jesus Christ,” Cardi added, noting that Offset witnessed the miracle moment as well. Cardi said she asked her son if he loved his mommy and he replied, “yeah.” So, she asked him the same question again and “he replied back like, ‘yeah,’ not even like, ‘ha ha ha.’ It was like, ‘YEAH!’”

And then it got even crazier. While watching Cocomelon on Tuesday, she said their little Einstein repeated, clear as day, the word “hello” while singing “If You’re Happy and You Know It.” Mind blown. “Yo, this is crazy. I don’t know if that’s, like, the pandemic thing. I don’t know if, like, if this is normal,” she said. “This s–t is crazy. I need a camera in this room 24/7 or something.”

The busy mother of two, who is working on the follow-up to her smash 2018 debut, Invasion of Privacy, then turned to her little boy — who was off-camera — and said, “You talking! And you just turned four months today! And you’re talking for real!” The boy, whose name the couple have not yet shared, was born on Sept. 4, and in December, Cardi hinted at his advanced nature when she tweeted that he was already holding his bottle “with both hands.”

“I’m trying to remember if KK [daughter Kulture] was doing that around three months old or if this is one of the super powers these pandemic babies coming with,” she said of the boy’s digital dexterity.