Three Reasons Why John Madden Will Be Remembered For Generations To Come

There are NFL icons and then there is John Madden.

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Madden defined the definition of greatness. From humble beginnings to a legendary household name, Madden’s legacy will carry on well after his untimely death this week at the age of 85.

Madden The Coach



When the Oakland Raiders and their owner Al Davis took a chance on a young Madden to become their head coach at just the age of 32. Madden would go on to win over 100 games as the Raiders head coach including a Super Bowl in 1977. Six out of those ten seasons, the Raiders won 10 or more games. Madden retired from coaching at the age of 42.

Madden The Commentator

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You would only be so lucky to have one hall of fame career, but Madden found the second one in broadcasting. Madden was a color commentator for CBS, FOX, ABC, and NBC. He called at least one Super Bowl at each network and 11 total Super Bowls in his broadcasting career. Madden won 16 Emmy Awards during that time. To this day, Madden is still concerned the best play-by-play NFL commentator to ever call an NFL game. NFL players took pride in knowing when Madden was calling their games on Sundays.

Madden The Video Game Phenom

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In 1986, Electronic Arts wanted to create a unique football game and when they pitched the idea to Madden, he said ” if it isn’t 11 on 11, it isn’t real football.” EA pitched was for a 6 on 6 fast pace football video game. Thankfully they listen to Madden and the rest would become a video game revolutionary history. Madden would work with the EA team to create an authentic NFL experience. The first Madden video game was released in 1988. As of right now, Madden NFL Football is the only officially licensed NFL video game. Madden reached the rare triple act in life and will be remembered for generations to come.