Jadakiss Explained Why Being Healthy Is The Most Important Part Of Being ‘Gangsta’

Jadakiss has been back on the forefront of the rap world recently, after The Lox had one of the most successful resurgence during their Verzuz battle with Cam’ron and Dipset this past summer. It was to the point that even LeBron James was talking about his legendary status after the battle.

Now, on his new show on Facebook Watch, The Pull Up, Jada has the chance to share some of his views on life as a veteran. The show features different guests coming through on different episodes to chop it up with Jada, and during his fifth episode, with guest rapper Lil Cease, he began to pontificate on the virtues of being healthy and taking care of yourself. He even went so far as to call the process “gangsta” and noted that he helped make working out a cool part of the rap world.

“I think healthy is gangsta,” Kiss said around the 2:20 mark during the show. “Everybody want to be tough guys and this and that, and rich. If you not healthy, you can’t be alive to spend your money. If you not healthy, you can’t enjoy the party, you can’t enjoy the perks of life, you won’t be here to see your kids graduate, to see ’em score they first touchdown, to see things like that. So health is more important than anything.”

Check out the full episode below.