Tierra Whack Shares The Reflective ‘Heaven’ Video From Her New EP ‘R&B?’

Tierra Whack continues her comeback with the release of her third three-song-one-genre EP, R&B? — following her Rap? and Pop? EPs, which showed off the Philly artist’s impressive array of talents. The lead video from R&B? is the somber “Heaven,” which came with an equally low-key music video. In true Tierra Whack fashion, the video features a surrealistic twist: as she walks in the rain, it slowly dawns on you that the rain is coming from her umbrella rather than over it.

Lyrically, the song features a sobering but relatable theme for anyone who’s lost loved ones — especially over the past year. “Heaven has all of my favorite people,” she sings. “I wanna go there.” In addition to the melancholy of “Heaven,” R&B? features “Sorry,” a wistful address to a former flamed she wronged, and “Cutting Onions,” on which she processes the passing of her beloved grandmother. All three songs are more downtempo than Whack’s prior output in the series, and true to form, feature her putting all her skills on display despite what the project’s title might suggest.

Now that she’s released three EPs in the same mode, it’ll be interesting to see whether she keeps the theme going — there’s always dance music, rock, and a half-dozen other genres I’m sure fans would love to see her try out — or moves on, but one thing’s certain: It’ll be the thing she wants to do and she will do it her own way.

Watch Tierra Whack’s “Heaven” video above and listen to the R&B? EP here.