Nas Launches Hip-Hop Storytelling MasterClass w/ New Song “Big Nas”

Nas is teaching a Hip-Hop storytelling course for MasterClass. 

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Grammy Award winning rapper and producer Nas launched the newest class on MasterClass on Hip-Hop lyricism and storytelling.

According to reports, the course features the Queensbridge rapper sharing his techniques as part of an inside look at his creative process.  Nas invites members on an exclusive studio session and takes them on a journey to experience how to bring music to life.


While walking them through the writing and recording process of “Big Nas,” his latest release written exclusively for MasterClass. The Hip-Hop legend also gives his expert advice on making bold, yet profound lyrics, becoming a successful artist, and finding your identity.

In his class, Nas shares his philosophy as a lyricist and how he uses his life experiences and emotions to create cinematic lyrics. He also offers valuable advice on how to navigate through the music industry.

“Quincy Jones told me years ago, ‘You never stop learning. You’re always a student,’” Nas said. “Going through my past works made me realize this class was something that I really wanted to do.”

Nas added, “I’m looking forward to bringing MasterClass members into my world. Whether it’s rap or any genre of music, I want people to embrace their creativity and listen to that voice inside their head. When you trust your gut and first instincts, you can’t lose.”

Nas joins artists such as Questlove, Timbaland and Alicia Keys in teaching on MasterClass, which costs a minimum of 15-dollars per month.

Check out the video for “Big Nas” that features the Nas Queensbridge Mural by Jorit Agoch below. Share your thoughts with us on social media.