[WATCH] Q-Tip Opens Up About Past Relationship With Janet Jackson

In an exclusive interview with famed battle rapper Math Hoffa, actor and A Tribe Called Quest front man Q-Tip talked about his romance with culture icon Janet Jackson. Tip spoke in depth about how he met the youngest Jackson sister and how the two eventually started dating in the late 90s.

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The ATCQ founder says that the two met on the set of Poetic Justice and even reveals that we was originally set for the role of “Lucky” that was played by Tupac, but ended up locking in the role of Janet’s boyfriend. When the two later connected on the 1997 single “Got ’til It’s Gone”, they began dating shortly thereafter.

“We started dating after that,” Q-Tip said. “It be cool ‘n s***. She be making eggs ‘n s*** and I’ll be chilling like, ‘Yo, that’s Penny!’ to myself. I love her to death and it’s like she’s a Jackson. That’s Black royalty.”