Blac Chyna Is An Unexpected Pro-Vaccine Hero After Screaming At Fellow Travelers At The Airport

If you gave up hope that any rappers or social media personalities would take a responsible view of COVID vaccines after Nicki Minaj’s “swollen balls” fiasco, Blac Chyna is here to restore some of your faith in humanity. The “My Word” rapper became an unexpected pro-vaccine hero on Twitter after a fan’s video of her yelling at fellow travelers in the Miami International Airport to “just get the shot” went viral.

In the video, Chyna can be seen standing with her crew, yelling at someone offscreen to “go get the f*cking vaccine and stop being stupid, ho.” Unfortunately, the viral moment was couched inside a concerning, disjointed speech that had some wondering whether Blac Chyna was okay, but when one of the biggest entertainers in the world is telling people to do their own research and retweeting the conspiracy buffs on Fox News, I guess you accept any imperfect messenger you can get to counteract the destructive forces of vaccine skeptics (we’re at three-quarters of a million people dead, come on, people).

Fans quickly latched onto the video, launching Blac Chyna onto Twitter’s trending topics list with their reactions. While most approved of her outburst, a few worried that it might have been sparked by substance abuse and hoped that she would seek treatment. You can see more reactions below.