SOURCE SPORTS: Shaquille O’Neal Believes Nets Should Trade Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving isn’t a fan of getting the COVID-19 vaccine and Shaquille O’Neal isn’t a fan of his take. During an appearance on CBS Sports Radio’s “Tiki and Tierney” show this week, O’Neal was asked how he would feel about Irving’s vaccination status if he were a player on the Brooklyn Nets. The Hall of Famer said he would march up to the front office and demand that Irving be traded.

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“I would go upstairs and say get him up outta here,” Shaq said. “We can win with a two-punch and a great shooter and some rebounders, like we’ve got. Get his a– up out of here. Now every day I’m gonna have to answer questions about him and what he’s doing … get his a– up outta here.”

O’Neal has also criticized other players who have not gotten vaccinated in an interview with USA Today’s Mark Medina. O’Neal said those players should fall in line for their teammates.


“In this line of work, sometimes you have to be selfless,” Shaq said. “The day I decided it wasn’t all about me and it’s about us is the day I started winning and really started dominating.”

Irving isn’t one to give into media scrutiny, but when a former player such as O’Neal has something to say, no telling how Irving will fire back.