Courtney B. Vance Remembers Michael K. Williams and Questions HBO Not Saving ‘Lovecraft Country’

The entertainment industry is still reeling following the death of Michael K. Williams. Williams’ Lovecraft Country co-star, Courtney B. Vance, delivered a tribute to the late star during the acceptance speech for his latest Emmy award.

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“Michael did everything with his full heart open, with his infinite spirit and with way too much style,” Vance said. “May he rest in power and let us all honor his immense legacy by being a little more love-forward, a little more endless in thought, a little bit more swaggy in act.”

According to Variety, Vance would go on about Williams backstage, drawing parallels to their roles in the HBO show. “This [the Emmy award] is his. We were brothers. I died in the series and we said goodbye to each other. It’s too painful to really think about, so I just honor him everywhere and every hour I can.”


For Vance, Williams’ death is amplified by the fact Lovecraft Country won’t return.

“It doesn’t make sense to fans, and that’s all that matters,” Vance added. “We set everyone up and then we don’t deliver on for whatever reason. I’m tired of it. Personally, I’m tired of that scenario — that they can find a way to make a ‘Game of Thrones’ but not a ‘Lovecraft Country.’”