Summer Walker Claims London On Da Track Has Been Threatening Her Over Her New Boyfriend

At this point, R&B revivalist Summer Walker generates as many headlines for her drama-laced interactions with former beau London Holmes (better known as London on da Track) as she does for her admittedly heartfelt, relatable, commercially successful music. Today, she trended on Twitter after a series of posts on Instagram venting about the former couple’s relationship and current misadventures in co-parenting their newborn baby, including text posts deriding him on her private account @galactawhore and her a nearly eight-minute video on her main account.

In Story on her secondary account, she told fans, “London calling & dm’ing everyone around me cause he BLOCKED talking bout ‘if you care about summer get that n**** away from her.’ So if anything happens to me it was him. Ghetto baby daddy from hell. I be minding my business & NEVER call him unless it’s about the well being of my child. Smh crazy mf. & “that n****” has been raising your child since 2 months cause you ain’t sh*t and wouldn’t help me. You need to stop threating people & tell him thank you, f*ckin weirdo.”

In a later post, she called London “a pathological liar” and “narcissist,” accusing him of gaslighting her and again warning him to stay away from her. She also took on London’s other partners, calling them out for pursuing fights and friction in the face of her attempts to make peace. She broke down the situation in the lengthy video she placed on her own page.

For their part, London and the other women have refuted her claims, with London blaming Summer’s outburst on her “mental health” not being “where it need to be.” His other children’s mothers also dropped their own comments.

It’s beginning to look like the only way to fix this is getting Jada Smith on the phone and all four of these people onto the Red Table Talk. In the meantime, fans are convinced that all the extracurricular drama bodes well for the next album, giving the singer plenty of mess to address with her bluntly honest lyrics.