Evan Rachel Wood Responded To Kanye Featuring Marilyn Manson On ‘Donda’ With A Cover Song

When the news of allegations about Marilyn Manson’s abusive behavior began to break, it was his longtime partner Evan Rachel Wood who accused the artist of “horrifically” abusing and grooming her, opening the floodgates for more horror stories from women who had been involved with him over the years. Despite the influx of testimonials from women about Manson’s abuse filtering in over the last few months, or who knows, maybe because of them, Kanye chose to feature Manson on the latest version of his ever-evolving Donda project.

Of course, this choice to include Manson despite what survivors of his abuse have come forward with is a slap in the face to those women, and Wood made her position on the matter pretty clear this weekend. Posting a clip of herself covering the New Radical’s still-classic “You Get What You Give,” today she included the following caption along with her cover: “”You get what you give.” For my fellow survivors who got slapped in the face this week. I love you. Don’t give up. @zanecarney @bourbonroomhollywood @ftrlive #newradicals”

Kudos to Wood for both her courage in coming forward, and keeping herself calm in in the face of a pretty blatant, disrespectful move. Further kudos to her for nailing a difficult cover, check that out above.