Daveed Diggs Praised His ‘Little Mermaid’ Co-Star Halle Bailey: ‘She’s Really, Really Special’

Daveed Diggs, known for his work in Hamilton andd Blindspotting as well as the LA noise-rap trio Clipping., is set to star as the ever-beloved Sebastian in Disney’s reimagining of The Little Mermaid. Diggs said wrapped his own role in the show a while ago, but as the rest of the set just finished up their last days of filming, he gave an interview about how excited he is for fans of the classic film to see their new take on the original. Talking with Sirius XM Stars about the fantastic music in the movie, and some of Sebastian’s best songs like “Kiss The Girl” and “Under The Sea,” Diggs also praised Halle Bailey, who has her breakout role as Ariel.

“I’m excited too, I haven’t seen anything,” Diggs said. “It’s not like Disney be giving me private screenings of nothing… Halle is a star. She’s really, really special.” He reassured his interviewers that all the canon songs from the original film are in the new version, and shared his own childhood memory of lining up to go see The Little Mermaid in theaters back when the first film was released. Check out his interview above and stay tuned for more teasers of Halle’s big moment.