Joyner Lucas And Lil Tjay Lampoon Children’s TV In Their Raunchy ‘Dreams Unfold’ Video

Ever since breaking out three years ago with his “I’m Not Racist” video, Joyner Lucas has made a habit of putting social commentary into many of his videos, and fortunately, he’s gotten much better at it since then. Case in point: His new video for “Dreams Unfold” featuring Lil Tjay, which slyly satirizes the rise in screen time for America’s youth with the advent of mobile data and WiFi.

Although the video opens with a disclaimer that it isn’t appropriate for children, it goes on to imitate the format and look of several kids shows, including the classic Blue’s Clues, as Joyner plies his prepubescent viewers with raunchy imagery, a “drugs are our friends” message, and puppet strippers. He also gets his “Bad Santa” on, tearing up a mall Santa booth alongside a bad-tempered elf. The video ends with a title card imploring his peers to be better role models.

It’s a subject that Joyner has confronted in the past when he criticized Lil Nas X’s “Montero” video, prompting Lil Nas to clap back, reminding Joyner that his music isn’t really for kids in the first place. Clearly, Joyner thinks everyone could be doing a better job of making wholesome content but on the other hand, as Cardi B has repeatedly pointed out, that might be for the parents to decide. After all, someone is putting all these screens in front of kids’ faces.

Watch Joyner Lucas’ “Dreams Unfold” video featuring Lil Tjay above.