Migos Defend Their ‘Greatest Band’ Status With An Exuberant Tiny Desk Concert

One of the few good things to come out of the 2020 pandemic forcing a near-shutdown of the entertainment industry was NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts series moving to its “At Home” format, which opened up the concept and allowed more artists who wouldn’t have normally been able to perform due to travel and other commitments to turn in some of the best shows in the series’ history. For instance, Vince Staples and Young Thug both recently put in performances that highlighted new and upcoming releases with utterly magnetic charisma and arrangements.

Migos, the Atlanta-based trio who built their brand with exuberant performances over the past five years, is the latest example, appearing on the latest Tiny Desk Concert from what looks like one of the guys’ living rooms. Playing a three-song set from their new album Culture III including “Avalanche,” “Straightenin,” and “Happy Birthday,” Migos assert their claim for “greatest band in the world,” starting out on the couch and eventually filling the room with palpable, infectious energy.

In addition to a spate of videos for songs like “Roadrunner” and “Why Not,” Migos also have a three-day Las Vegas weekender planned for October to promote the album.

Watch Migos’ Tiny Desk Concert above.