Kanye West Is Reportedly Packaging ‘Donda’ With A Device Allowing Listeners To Remix Any Of Its Songs

Kanye West may have delayed his anticipated album Donda, but he’s getting his fans involved in the album more than ever. He’s been hosting a few Donda listening events, which give select fans a way to hear the album before its released. The rapper is also giving his listeners a way to interact with his music on a more personal level by releasing a stem player, which will give fans an easy way to remix his music.

Kanye unveiled his Donda stem player on his website Wednesday. According to the product description, the stem player ships with the purchase of Donda and will allow listeners to “customize any song.” It includes features that control vocals, drums, bass, and samples, it can isolate certain parts of a song, and add effects. Staying true to its name, the device can even split a song into stems, which is an individual audio file for each instrument used on a track.

Kanye previously mentioned his stem player in a 2019 interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe. It seemed as though the rapper’s original plan was to release the stem player alongside his Jesus Is King album in order to “spread the gospel.” But the device was delayed nearly a year and a half, and will instead be released alongside Donda.

Check out a preview of Kanye’s stem player above.