SOURCE SPORTS: Bradley Beal Been Working On His “Shooting Like Dame” Range This Summer

Bradley Beal is coming off a season where he was a scoring machine. While the summer is usually a time to relax, Beal has been working on improving his game.

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Beal revealed that his goal is to shoot deeper three-pointers next season and shoot more threes overall. The Washington Wizards guard explained that he doesn’t necessarily want to match the likes of Damian Lillard, but consistency is clearly a goal.

“Deeper threes. I’m not trying to compete with Dame [Lillard], I’m not Logo Lillard. But I want to shoot deeper threes and shoot more threes,” Beal told Chase Hughes of NBC Sports Washington.


“You know I need to shoot more threes. You probably say it all the time. And, obviously, make them. I have to make them.”

Beal’s three-point shooting should be helped by the Wizards’ overall improvement in that area this offseason. They addressed one of their biggest weaknesses in 2020-21 when they ranked in the bottom third of the NBA in all three-point shooting categories through a series of roster moves.

Beal usually has the green light to take whatever shot he wants. Expect that to continue into next season.