Snoop Dogg’s Milk Crate Challenge Play-By-Play Commentary Is Fittingly Hilarious

Among his many official moonlighting gigs, Snoop Dogg has become quite the in-demand sports analyst, often being tapped to provide hilariously down-to-earth play-by-play commentary on combat sports, hockey, and even the Olympics, where he described an equestrian event (not inaccurately) as “horse crip walkin’.” As full-time analyst Stephen A. Smith, who guest hosted Snoop’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night, put it, Snoop is stealing all the broadcasters’ jobs.

So, the pair thought it only appropriate for Snoop to offer his one-of-a-kind insights to videos of a different kind of athletic activity — one Stephen A. could help but disparage in his opening monologue as one of the “dumbest” new challenges currently sweeping social media: The milk crate challenge. The concept is simple: Ordinary people attempt to traverse a pyramid of milk crates stacked in ascending, then descending order, peaking at seven crates high.

It’s harder than it sounds, as the towers’ stability — and the person’s balance — will vary. Failure looks particularly painful; as Stephen A. put it, “First, you drink the milk from the crates to get strong bones, then you fall off the crates to break them?!” Showing Snoop a couple of clips prompted a few funny observations. “He’s off and running, standing up tall on it all,” Snoop rhymed over the first. “He’s got a cigarette in his right hand and he’s wobbling. Wobble, wobble, shaky, shaky. He’s got a wave cap on his head. I don’t understand why he got the wave cap, that’s weighing him down. Them shoes is too big for this situation. They too big. When he start to shake, you know it’s gonna break.”

Snoop also shared a few clips on his hyperactive Instagram with captions like “Chester also known as chest a hurt in the morning.”

Watch Snoop’s hilarious play-by-play commentary on the milk crate challenge above.