Someone Threw A ‘Busted Ass Adidas’ Shoe At DaBaby During His Rolling Loud Set

When DaBaby invited Tory Lanez onstage during his Rolling Loud set, it looks like fans didn’t only express their disapproval online. Apparently, someone in attendance was audacious enough to diss DaBaby in person in one of the most effective ways there is: By throwing a shoe at him during his set. Since the set was also being livestreamed, it was relatively easy to capture a clip of the unusual moment, as well as his nonplussed response.

During a lull between songs, the North Carolina rapper was commanding fans to light up their cell phones and hold them over their heads — the digital era equivalent to putting your lighters up — when he was suddenly forced to duck the flying footwear. After a timely dodge, he challenged, “Who the f*ck threw that busted ass Adidas?” Specificity is a cornerstone of comedy, so you’ve got to appreciate him for mentioning the brand name and making the moment especially amusing.

Admittedly, we don’t actually know why the shoe was sent spiraling his way but he’s spent a fair share of his career rubbing fans the wrong way, most recently during his Rolling Loud set itself. When the person inside his DaBaby mascot costume turned out to be Tory Lanez, who is under investigation for shooting Megan Thee Stallion, a rapper DaBaby has worked with multiple times, many fans were galled by the pettiness of the moment — especially as Tory’s appearance was sandwiched between “Cash Sh*t” and “Cry Baby,” two songs DaBaby recorded with Megan Thee Stallion. The two have mostly avoided each other since DaBaby co-signed the collaboration with Tory Lanez, which was supposedly shut down after the shooting.

Update: The culprit came forward a few hours later:

You can watch DaBaby’s reaction to the shoe shuriken above.