Tyler The Creator Celebrates His Album Going No. 1 By Quoting DJ Khaled

Tyler The Creator has shown that he can hold a grudge — albeit, a lighthearted, mostly harmless one — for a really long time. In the past, he’s trolled both random commenters on Twitter and the political Heads of State that have crossed him long after the initial slights, and upon learning that he’s currently got the No. 1 album in the country, he once again proved that he’s got a long memory and a love for having the last laugh.

This time around, he targeted a musical peer, DJ Khaled, referencing the Snapchat rant that fans attributed to Khaled’s bitterness over losing out on the No. 1 spot to Tyler’s Igor in 2019. While the impassioned speech in actuality never referred to Igor or Tyler and was in fact posted days before the Billboard results were posted, once fans resurfaced them in light of the Billboard chart placements, Khaled’s fate was sealed. It looked like he was tasting sour grapes and throwing shade at Tyler The Creator’s more experimental album, calling it “mysterious sh*t.”

Tyler laughed it off at the time, but continued to reference the moment at each new watermark Igor reached, tweeting “MYSTERIOUS MUSIC” when the album won Best Rap Album at the 2020 Grammy Awards. It seems he’s decided to make it something of a tradition now, tweeting the same yesterday as this week’s Billboard chart leaders were announced, with his new album Call Me If You Get Lost earning the No. 1 position.

Meanwhile, although fans are definitely trolling DJ Khaled right along with Tyler, the Miami producer has been celebrating his own string of successes, including having a limited-edition Funko Pop! modeled on him, and the chart success of his Lil Baby and Lil Durk-featuring Khaled Khaled single, “Every Chance I Get.”