Polo G Was Arrested In Miami For Battery Against A Police Officer And Other Charges

This past weekend was supposed to be a celebratory one for Polo G, as the Chicago rapper released his third album, Hall Of Fame, on Friday. Unfortunately, the weekend festivities were cut short after the rapper was arrested in Miami. The incident occurred after an album release party for the new album. Polo G and his mom, Stacia Mac, who also doubles as his manager, were riding in a vehicle following the party when police officers pulled them over. The reason for officers stopping them is currently unknown, but whatever it was, it resulted in Polo G being placed under arrest.

According to The Miami Herald, as cops attempted to handcuff the rapper, an altercation between Polo G and Officer Brandon Carrero ensued. Officers Brandon Carrero and Joseph Acuna “ended up in a struggle on the ground,” with the rapper striking the officer in the head, chin, forehead, and cheek during the incident, according to the arrest report. Acuna witnessed Polo G on top of Carrero while swinging his elbows and making contact with the officer. Later, once Polo G was placed under arrest, he allegedly threatened the officer, saying, “I will kill you, I swear I will use these fists to beat the sh*t out of you and knock your ass out.”

Stacia Mac took to Twitter afterwards to accuse the officers of picking on her son. “None of these charges would be possible if the POLICE did not make contact with my son Polo G!!!” she wrote. “He was NOT the driver. He was a PASSENGER in a professionally licensed vehicle with security. He was moving smart and correctly. What more could he have done.”

Polo G was booked into the Guilford Knight Correctional Center around 8:00 a.m. local time on Saturday. He was charged with battery against a police officer, public servant/influence performance threat, resisting an officer with violence, resisting an officer without violence, and criminal mischief. Polo G was later released after posting a $19,500 bond.