Roddy Ricch Clarifies The Grammy Comments He Directed At Kanye West Last Year

Towards the end of 2020, The Recording Academy announced the nominees for the 2021 Grammy Awards. Amid all the controversy that would pour out after the nominations were revealed, there were certainly celebratory moments for a number of artists like Roddy Ricch. The Compton native received six nominations at the show, which included nods in the Best Rap Song, Song Of The Year, and Record Of The Year categories. Despite it being a high moment, Roddy felt it was ruined for him as just months prior, Kanye West, one of his idols, delivered a golden middle-finger to the Academy by peeing in one his Grammy awards, an act Roddy would criticize him for.

“If I get nominated for six Grammys and a n**** I look to that had 22, 23, 24, 25 of these motherf*ckers and I come in here, I get nominated for six this year, I feel like that’s a good number,” Roddy said during a March Instagram livestream. “And this year this n**** just pissed on that sh*t. Like, how you think that make the world look at my accomplishment, n****? I did all this shit and you pissing on sh*t. That sh*t be lame. I don’t really like that sh*t.” However, during a recent interview on Los Angeles’ Big Boy’s Neighborhood, Roddy clarified the comments he made.

“I feel like what I was saying, I needed to gather my thoughts more and say it how I wanted to say it,” Roddy admitted. “What I was saying was, I grew up looking to a Kanye or Jay as like, if I do this, I want to have 27, 30 Grammys because that’s what they did. When I seen him pissing on a Grammy, it kinda rubbed me wrong ’cause I was like, damn n****, now that I’m getting nominated, I feel like everybody’s sh*tting on the accolades.’”

You can listen to Roddy’s comments in the video above.

Roddy Ricch is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.