A Mysterious Billboard In LA Links Fans To A Cryptic Message From Tyler The Creator

Tyler The Creator has long been known for his unconventional approach to making and promoting his new music, from pretending to eat a roach in the self-produced “Yonkers” video that introduced him to the world, to adopting the Andy Warhol-esque alter ego that marked his Igor era. Now, fans are convinced he’s promoting the follow-up to Igor thanks to a massive pastel billboard in Hollywood leading to a cryptic message from Tyler and — of all people — his mom.

As you can see, the billboard exhorts passersby to “call me if you get lost” with a phone number appended. Dialing the number leads to a recording of Tyler’s mom boasting about her fighting ways. “I’d kill a mothaf*cka over this one right here, n****,” she proclaims. “I’d stand in front of a bullet, on god, over this one. My son used to record me beating *itches’ ass.” Tyler can be heard affirming these statements before she continues, “I would beat your whole family and didn’t give a f*ck. They’d be like, ‘Tyler’s mama crazy. Tyler’s mama crazy.’ Yep. F*ck with my kid. Tyler would be like, ‘Get ’em, mom.’ They’d be like, ‘No, don’t do it.’”

At the very end of the recording, some music starts to play and it’s very much in the mode of the synth-heavy style that has defined Tyler’s music since Cherry Bomb. The conjunction has fans convinced that the rollout to a new Tyler The Creator album has begun, but with Tyler, anything is possible. Check out the audio above.