Tyler Perry is Bringing Madea Out of Retirement For Netflix Special

Tyler Perry officially announced the retirement of his beloved Madea character a few years ago but it looks like Mabel is making a return.

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Perry took to Instagram to make the announcement but of course Madea kept interrupting before the cameras were cut.

“This is Tyler Perry saying– this is Madea speaking and I’m coming back on Netflix,” he said.


The mogul is set to release the twelfth installment of the franchise, A Madea Homecoming in 2022.

Of course the entire thing will be filmed at the Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta.

Perry has publicly expressed how much he doesn’t like wearing the wig or portraying Madea, but acknowledged that the world is in need of some laughter.

It was believed that Madea’s final appearance was in the 2019 film A Madea Family Reunion, but it looks like she’s coming back for homecoming.

Are you excited to see Madea on Netflix?