Florence Pugh’s Mom Got Super Baked With Snoop Dogg At The 2020 Oscars

Even though vaccination rates have slowed to the extent that Anheuser-Busch had to promise people free beer, America is still very quickly reopening. The movies are more or less back. So are concerts. Broadway will reopen soon. And just in time for what experts agree will almost certainly be a slutty summer. One of the last big events that happened before the pandemic was the Oscars, held late last February. And while promoting the long-delayed Black Widow, Florence Pugh had a pretty good story about a time when we could all party.

The acclaimed actress appeared (still remotely) on Jimmy Kimmel, armed with a new Black Widow clip. But arguably better was a tale about her parents. She was able to bring both of them to the 2020 Academy Awards, and she was a little worried because they are both, in her words, “big characters.”

Sure enough, they went mad at post-show parties. Both, she told Kimmel, have a habit of splitting off and getting into misadventures, befriending as many as they can. Her dad hit it off with Noel Gallagher and reconnected with Renee Zellweger, whom he’d met earlier at the BAFTAs. Her mom, meanwhile, got on with Kate Hudson. But at one point, she vanished for hours, to the point where Pugh was a bit worried.

Finally, her mom “came crawling from somewhere, holding onto bannisters and doors.” She looked disheveled, out of sorts. Was she okay? Yes, she said, but she’d “been hanging out with Snoop Dogg.” So not only was she fine but Pugh had a new thing she could brag about: “My mom got high with Snoop Dogg!” she exclaimed to Kimmel and crowd.

Black Widow, which in another timeline would have kicked off the 2020 summer movie season, will finally hit theaters as well as PVOD Disney+ on July 9. You can watch Pugh’s Kimmel appearance in the video above.

(Via The AV Club)