Fousheé Has A Whimsical Thug Romance In Her Cheeky ‘My Slime’ Video

Viral favorite singer Fousheé released her debut album Time Machine this week, along with the cheeky video for “My Slime.” The self-directed video finds Fousheé and the goon of her dreams robbing a bank, going on the run, and forced to split up when he finally gets caught. The incongruity between them — him with his gold grill and ski mask and her with her whimsical schoolgirl look — makes for a lot of comedy as she plays the lovestruck Harley Quinn to her beau’s blinged-out Joker. Even the bank tellers are smitten with their romance — although, Fousheé’s poor trigger discipline makes me want to gnaw off my own fingers.

“My Slime” isn’t the first time the singer — who really only wants to “Sing About Love” — has toyed with the dichotomy between the soft, cotton-candy vibes of her dreamy R&B and the aggressive, boastful projections of rugged rap aesthetics. In her video for “Gold Fronts,” the stripped-down, drumless backing track allows an off-kilter but engaging backdrop for Lil Wayne to flex his lyrics while Fousheé sings about wanting a pair of gold fronts — a historically atypical topic for the sort of soulful music she creates. By playing with expectations, she puts her own unique twist on all the songs on Time Machine, which is out now via RCA Records. Get it here.

Watch the video for “My Slime” above.