Rico Nasty Is Teasing A New Project Dropping This Summer

The rise of Rico Nasty has been one of the most interesting happenings in rap over the last few years, and the screamo rapper is by no means done breaking down barriers. Covering everything from pop-punk to trap on her debut album, last year’s Nightmare Vacation, Rico let fans know this weekend that they could expect something new by summer of 2021. With a cryptic Instagram post of two prescription bottles in a glowing hand, with the RX made out to Rico herself with “unlimited refills,” the rapper captioned the image: “Rx . This summer ???” and tagged the artist, Karli Fetz.

For her part, the artist re-shared the post on Instagram with the following caption: “Dream come true for me. this summer, @riconasty x karlifetz,” they wrote on Instagram. “I can’t tell you much but just know we haven’t even started.” When a fan commented asking it his meant an album was on the way, the artist responded with the eyes emoji, an indication that Fetz knows more than they can say right now.

Via Instagram

If you’re still unfamiliar with exactly who Rico Nasty is and what she has up her sleeve as an artist and performer, check out our mini-doc on Rico right here. And keep an ear out for more music coming this summer, which is just around the corner.