Meek Mill Slams ‘Blogs’ And Accuses Them Of Only Covering The ‘Goofy Sh*t’ He Does

Meek Mill often finds himself trending on social media for questionable things. One example came earlier this year, when he mentioned Kobe Bryant in a tasteless manner on a song with Lil Baby. Prior to that, there was his and Tekashi 69’s parking lot spat in Miami. Despite these instances, it’d be wrong to say Meek hasn’t done anything positive, or at least not embarrassing, over the past few months. But the way the Philly rapper sees it, the coverage he gets has only focused on the bad he does.

“Yesterday I help a innocent man gain his freedom back he had life in prison,” he wrote on Twitter in reference to Eric Riddick, a 51-year-old man who was recently released from prison, thanks to help from Meek and others, after he was wrongfully convicted of murder and spent 29 years locked up for it as a result. He added, “On the net I was trending for a pause basically lol them blogs got y’all… Go check blogs pages …don’t post positive post just the goofy sh*t… y’all sheep and be serious lol.”

An example of “goofy sh*t” Meek refers to is a past tweet where he oddly asked his followers, “I need vibrating panties with the remote lol they on Amazon? Lol.” The post caused him to trend on Twitter.

As for Riddick, he was freed after he agreed to plead no contest to third-degree murder with time served. A Court of Common Pleas Judge previously reviewed Riddick’s case after his defense attorneys claimed evidence was withheld from the defense team during the trial.

Meek Mill is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.