Future Dissed Lori Harvey And Michael B. Jordan On His Original ‘Maybach’ Verse With 42 Dugg

At multiple points over the last decade, Future has been given the crown of “toxic king” for things he’s either done outside of music or things he’s said in his songs. The passionate lover that showed his heart on Honest, the rapper’s 2014 album, was quickly replaced by toxicity on his 2017 effort, Hndrxx. Fast-forward to the present and Future once again reached for the “toxic king” crown during his guest appearance on 42 Dugg’s track, “Maybach.”

On it, Future raps, “Tell Steve Harvey I don’t want her / One thing I never seen was a bitch that leave,” which is of course directed at Lori Harvey whom he dated last year.

However, it turns out there was much more to that diss than fans heard on the final version. On the original version of the track, which 42 Dugg shared in a TikTok video, Future not only took a shot at Lori but her current boyfriend Michael B. Jordan as well.

“Must’ve forgot to tell her daddy she begged me not to leave,” Future says after the aforementioned line. “Put baguettes on ya ankles damn near up to ya knees / She didn’t have a choice, but to go f**k a lame after me.”

During a recent interview with The Breakfast Club, 42 Dugg reveals he pushed Future to rap the line because of the attention it would get.

“I told his ass, you need to say that sh*t three more times,” he said. “I was loving it…Future knew too though. He knew what was going on. Future a bad motherf*cker.”

You can listen to the unofficial version of “Maybach” above.

42 Dugg is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.