Rexx Life Raj Releases The 3-Song ‘Untitled’ EP To Thank Fans For Their Love And Support

The past year has been rough on all of us and while some were able to use the extended economic shutdown to be productive, others were less inspired, finding whatever they could hold onto to help them survive. Bay Area rapper/singer Rexx Life Raj falls partially into the latter category, according to a tweet thread he shared earlier this week. “Over these past months, I haven’t been able to make a lot of music,” he admitted. “But of the few I made these have been on repeat, helping me through these times.” As a gesture of appreciation to fans for their continued love and support, he released the three songs as an untitled EP.

The three tracks include “Silver Linings,” on which he nods to his flaws, but resolutely holds to his virtues and reminds listeners to “check on your strong friends” over a groovy beat. On “Made A Man,” Raj recalls the struggles that have built him up and “forced me to learn to stand on my own” over an acoustic guitar sample and spacey synthesizers. Finally, on “Make It Shake,” he again uses a guitar loop to accompany another motivational anthem on which he prays “for better days, then outside and make it shake.” And despite not making much new music over the past few months, what he has made has been similarly inspirational, including “Bounty” and the encouraging “Bounce Back.”

Listen to “Made A Man,” “Make It Shake,” and “Silver Linings” above.