Madonna Tweeted About ‘Durag Activity’ While Wearing A Bandana And Fans Are Baffled

Pop goddess Madonna is the latest celebrity to receive a truly astonishing ratio on Twitter after her latest post ruffled the feathers of users who took issue with her inability to tell the difference between a bandana and a du-rag. Posting a throwback photo of herself wearing dark shades and a black bandana, Madonna captioned the photo “Durag activity….” which… uh… no. On so many levels, no.

Fans were quick to express their discontent with Madonna’s misuse of the style and its nomenclature, reminding her that: 1. She is wearing a bandana, not a du-rag, in the picture, and 2. That “Durag activity” doesn’t mean what she apparently thinks it does. Naturally, Madge’s misstep was met with a deluge of reactions ranging from outrage quotes to tongue-in-cheek drags as she was compared to the plethora of pop stars in the past who’ve overstepped their cultural bounds and wound up stepping on an appropriation landmine.

Truthfully speaking, I am personally of the same mind about this stuff as comedian Sam Jay, who broke down her philosophy in the first episode of her (really excellent) new HBO show Pause With Sam Jay: I’m not offended, it just looks goofy. There are obviously way more important things going on in the world than to worry about a middle-aged mom’s off-target attempt to be “hip” — or any pop star’s, really. But if it looks bad, it looks bad, and you can get roasted like anybody else — it’s part of the culture, after all.

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