SOURCE SPORTS: Charles Barkley Believes The NBA Ain’t Got the Balls to Step to LeBron James For Breaking COVID-19 Protocols

Charles Barkley believes LeBron James violated an NBA policy but nothing will happen to him because of his name.

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James violated the NBA’s health and safety protocols last week when he attended a promotional event for a tequila brand in which he has invested. The incident initially called into question his availability for Game 1 of the Los Angeles Lakers’ first-round playoff series against the Phoenix Suns.

Barkley was asked during an interview with LaJethro Jenkins last week if he believed there was a chance James would be forced to sit out Sunday’s game. Barkley laughed and said there is no way that would happen.


“The NBA ain’t got the f—ing balls to suspend LeBron James. Zero (chance),” Barkley said. “Sometimes you read stuff and you just start laughing … if it was a nobody, they would put him in health and safety protocol. Ain’t no f—ing way LeBron James is gonna be sitting out because of health and safety protocols. LeBron James is playing Sunday, guaranteed.”

Barkley, of course, was right. LeBron played and scored 18 points in his team’s 99-90 loss to the Suns.

Attendees of the tequila event were supposed to either produce proof that they have received the COVID-19 vaccine or had a recent negative COVID-19 test. James has declined to say whether he has gotten the vaccine or intends to get it.

James. was able to get out of any trouble off the court, but after losing game 1 to the Suns, he and the Lakers could be in for a long series on the court.