SOURCE SPORTS: CJ McCollum Believes LeBron James Was Flopping Towards The End Of The Play In Game

LeBron James was fouled late by Draymond Green and had his vision impaired for a while, but Portland Trail Blazers star CJ McCollum was among those who felt LeBron embellished a little bit.

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James drove to the basket with about two minutes left in the Los Angeles Lakers’ win over the Golden State Warriors. Green tried to defend and ended up poking LeBron in the eye. James stayed down on the floor for a while holding his face.

McCollum took to Twitter and let his feelings on what he just saw be clear to everyone. McCollum said “Actor of the year” and how James wanted to rest up before shooting free throws.


James insisted he wasn’t faking and went on to hit the biggest three-point shot in the game to secure the Lakers’ win. After the game, James went on to say he saw three baskets as he was going to shot.