Bryce Vine’s Fans Inspire His Creativity In ‘On Repeat’

Fans show love for their favorite artists in a number of ways, whether it’s an act as simple as streaming the performer’s songs or something as intense as getting an indelible tattoo of an album cover. The way Bryce Vine sees it, his relationship with his fans goes both directions, which he shows in the first episode of Uproxx’s new series On Repeat, made in partnership with Straight Talk.

In the video, Vine stands before a blank canvas of a jacket surrounded by patches, pins, and other DIY-ready materials, with the intent of making a custom jacket for himself. For Vine’s design, he took inspiration from the gifts his fans have given him over the years, saying, “One of my favorite things about shows is when fans bring me personalized things. Some of my favorite items of clothing I’ve ever had were things my fans sent to me by mail or given me at shows.”

Vine also speaks about how quality doesn’t have to cost much by explaining how that mindset works in terms of his creative process: “I don’t think quality really has to cost anything. It’s just like music: trying things out for hours and hours, moving things around, seeing what fits together right.”

Check out the video above for more from Bryce Vine and keep an eye out for more episodes of On Repeat.

Bryce Vine is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.