Young Thug Explains Why He Compared Himself To Jay-Z: ‘I Got Just As Many Hits’

Late last year, when Young Thug was asked whether he’d participate in a Verzuz hits battle, the genre-bending Atlanta rapper’s answer caused a minor dustup on social media because of his controversial inclusion of one of rap’s biggest names in the response. “It would probably have to be like [Lil Wayne],” he said at the time. “… Jay-Z ain’t got 30 songs like that.”

While some fans thought that Thug’s mention of Jay-Z was disrespectful, Thug later explained on his Instagram that he wasn’t trying to diss Jay, he was just “talking too fast.” Today, he returned to the scene of the faux pas, the Million Dollaz Worth Of Game podcast, to further elaborate on his original comments and set the record straight with regard to where he stands on Jay-Z’s legacy.

Host Gillie Da Kid tees him up saying, “You were basically saying you got a lot of f*ckin’ records,” to which Thug replies, “That’s all I was saying, I just used his name because he the biggest n**** in the world to me. I just used his name, to let the world know, ‘Yo, I got just as many hits as the biggest n**** in the world.’ I’m doing two hours on stage. I don’t remember my last hour show… and I don’t do too much talking.”

Still, it might be interesting to see how the two fanbases would react to a Verzuz-style battle. Obviously, both have more than enough hit records to go back-and-forth, but the generation gap and difference in their styles could generate some fun debate among hip-hop heads, possibly even bringing them together across the regional and generational splits that have prompted so much of hip-hop’s friction over the years. However, it might be more productive for the two to collaborate on a new hit record that brings them together instead of forcing them to compete.

You can watch the full interview with Million Dollaz Worth Of Game above.