Chika Asks Nicki Minaj Stans To ‘Leave Me Alone’ After They Swarmed Her Twitter Mentions

Chika has experienced her fair share of struggles within the industry over the past month. In April, she announced her retirement from music due to the “mental toll” that she endured during her time as an artist. Shortly after, Chika revealed that she attempted to take her own life before decided to not retire from music world after all. Now, she claims that the latest issue she faces comes at the hands of Nicki Minaj’s biggest online stans.

Earlier this week, Chika shared a tweet that clarified her stance on Minaj, which seemed to be previously misunderstood by the fellow rapper’s fans. “I never say her name bc her fans are wild, but I wanna go on record and say I literally have no problem with Nicki,” she wrote. “She paved a way for herself and hella women after her, and I’d never take that away from her. Stans, y’all need to relax.” Unfortunately, the message didn’t seem to stop them as Chika was forced to once again address the issue on Wednesday.

“Yesterday i made a thread explaining that i don’t have any issues with an artist (after months of troll fans telling me to kill myself and randomly popping up everyday in my messages),” she wrote to begin a thread of tweets. “24 hours later, some of y’all are still here, proving my point. yikes.” Chika added, “Then have the audacity to try to gaslight me like ‘we never come for you, we never swarm your mentions, we uplift you, it’s not us.’ bro, scroll my TL from yesterday through the month of april. it’s always y’all. i addressed it so it can stop. but you’re still here.” She concluded her message in one last tweet, writing, “Leave me alone. it’s f*cking weird.”

You can view the tweets from Chika above.

Chika is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.