Saint Rien Brings Forth A New Outlook On Love With The Single “Like You”

A healthy blend of neo-soul and hip-hop, the multi-instrumentalist artist Saint Rien delivered his single “Like You” for the masses. The single’s initial take was to portray love’s unexpected turns and overwhelming dilemmas. That was all brought together to result in a catchy song with unique melodies and great waves of neo-soul.

As he takes his listeners on a journey of self-discovery through a calming retro tune, Saint Rien charms his fans with his ever-so-tempered vocals. Packed with the perfect dose of atmospheric electronic vibes, the singer eloquently delivers a refreshing approach to an already favorite topic. The track’s upbeat feels and energetic vibes are what make Saint Rien’s creations a versatile lyrical masterpiece. With his undeniable abilities to be different, constantly striving to touch upon distinct genres and topics, this artist is indeed shooting for the stars. 

“Like You” is a lively blend of eccentric synths and mesmerizing sultry vocals that will take you on an unforgettable trip. Born in Australia but based in Los Angeles, Saint Rien has been actively releasing new projects and hits to his peers. His unmatched artistic abilities and performance are placing him front and center in his genre.