Young Dolph & Key Glock’s ‘A Goat & A Dolphin’ Video Keeps Things Simple

Young Dolph & Key Glock still aren’t stopping, even nearly two months after the release of their latest joint album Dum & Dummer 2. After putting out videos for “Aspen,” “Sleep With The Roaches,” “Penguins,” “Rain Rain,” and more, they keep the ball rolling today with the video for “A Goat & A Dolphin.”

The most prominent feature of this video is its female talent, this time in the form of a short-haired young woman in a bikini who twerks behind Key Glock as he raps. The scene switches for Dolph’s verses, adopting a red filter as the two rappers stand back-to-back in a smoky room, adding more women who catwalk through the scene, occasionally pausing to mug at the camera or briefly interact with the rappers.

In an era when most rappers drop a project and forget about it within a few weeks, Dolph and Glock’s commitment to bringing attention to their latest effort is commendable — and smart. They continue to run up the streaming numbers long after the album’s release, a rarity in an increasingly packed slate of big-name releases from major label artists who can afford to stretch their rollouts for months on end. With Dolph announcing his pending retirement last month, he’ll be leaving the game on an extremely high note and earning his time off.

Watch The video for “A Goat & A Dolphin” above.