Kehlani Says She’s Getting Hate For Returning To Her Former Style Of Baggy Clothing

Kehlani has switched up her style several times since she began releasing music several years ago, but apparently some listeners aren’t okay with that fact. She began leaning more into form-fitting fashion after giving birth to her daughter in 2019, but Kehlani has since returned to wearing baggier clothes. The singer took to Twitter to call out the hate she’s gotten for her baggier looks, saying she feels as though her style versatility makes her all the more “powerful.”

In a pair of now-deleted tweets, Kehlani addressed the criticism she’s received since pivoting back to her previous style: “i feel like there’s a group of people who just started finding me attractive or paying me mind after i had a baby when my body changed and i was more ‘feminine’ and me putting back on the same baggy jeans i had all my life prior is….shocking y’all”

Kehlani via Slack

Following up on her previous tweet, Kehlani added that she received similar criticism after she started wearing more feminine clothing: “it’s ok tho cuz i distinctly remember this happening when i started getting long nails and lashes & wearing heels. people was like ‘this isn’t you’ ‘i miss the old you’ i’m starting to feel like this is perhaps POWERFUL”

Kehlani via Slack

Fans flooded to Kehlani’s support after seeing the hate she was getting online, pointing out how versatile the singer’s style has been over the years.

This isn’t the first time Kehlani addressed how her perception of her body has changed after giving birth. Earlier this year, the singer said she has since discovered that being a mom is the “sexiest thing ever” in an interview with Playboy. “I think something happened to me when I became a mom; I just became sexier,” she said. “I was this quirky little person before — not super in touch with myself, a super tomboy. Then I became a mom, and all of a sudden I got these mom hips. I got this mom sensuality and grown-woman attitude and in-touch-ness with my body that I never had before.”

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