Nas Almost Changed His Verse On ‘Sorry Not Sorry,’ His Collaboration With DJ Khaled And Jay-Z

This weekend DJ Khaled released his 12th album, Khaled Khaled. It boasted appearances from some of the music world’s biggest names. Two of them are Jay-Z and Nas, who joined forces for the track “Sorry Not Sorry.” Khaled recently shared a behind-the-scenes look at the song’s recording process, and it shows Nas considering changing his verse after hearing Jay-Z’s own.

“Alright, I’m just here tweaking lines and sh*t,” Nas says to Jay-Z over a FaceTime call. “I’m in here, curating, rewriting four bars here and there … oh no no no. I gotta come back [laughs].” He adds, “Yo bro, this is one. The queen at the end, the harmonies, that gave me chills … this is definitely one for the books.” Jay-Z, who was happy with Nas’ thoughts, replied, “Now that feels good. It feels great.”

Despite Nas’ comment, DJ Khaled made sure to clarify that neither verse on the song was altered. And he expressed his happiness with the song. “JAY and NAS on one record has been a lifelong dream! And I’m so glad it happened the way it did!TRUE brotherhood! Amazing energy! And love! God was in the booth, on set, and all over this ALBUM!” he wrote. “By the way no lines were changed it was PERFECT and BEAUTIFUL. I hope this inspires everyone to come together, celebrate each other and to be the LIGHT!”

Khaled Khaled is out now via Epic Records. Get it here.