Lil Durk Wants To Buy The Housing Complex He Grew Up In After It Went Up For Sale

This month will mark the one-year anniversary of Lil Durk’s mixtape, Just Cause Y’all Waited 2, a project that kicked off a strong run for the Chicago native. This hot streak included a second project, The Voice, and deluxe re-releases for both efforts. With that being said, it appears that Durk’s next accomplishment will be outside the music world. The rapper recently expressed his interest in buying the housing complex he grew up in after it recently went up for sale.

According to Chicago Sun Times, Parkway Gardens, one of Chicago’s biggest affordable housing complexes, is in search of a new owner. The 13-acre complex — which is also known as “O Block” — and its nearly three-dozen buildings stretch from the city’s 63rd to 65th streets between Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive and Calumet Avenue. After reading the news about the complex on Twitter, Lil Durk responded to a post writing, “I’ll buy it don’t matter how much it is.”

Housing broker Affordable Housing Advisors posted the complex to the market without an asking price. The development was originally purchased by Realtor Midwest in 2011. The deal included $59.5 million in tax-exempt bonds from the Illinois Housing Development Authority, $28.8 million in Wells Fargo equity from low-income housing tax credits, and $9.9 million in historic rehabilitation tax credits. Currently, 3,000 residents fill out the 694-unit housing development.