Blxst And Russ Lament The Game-Killing Effects Of ‘Fck Boys’ In Their Steamy New Video

Blxst and Russ lament the game-killing effects of “Fck Boys” in their steamy new video for the single from Blxst’s Just For Clarity EP. The melodic rap brethren trade verses about the difficulty of finding love and loyalty as a result of lames who ruin it for everybody as they entertain their female companion in luxurious surroundings. And, in classic Blxst video form, the West Coaster ends up at a photoshoot, swaggering in a casual look as a model drapes herself over his shoulders.

Just For Clarity, which dropped in March, opened up the circle of Blxst collaborators, which had previously only included fellow Angelenos like Dom Kennedy, Tyga, Ty Dolla Sign, and Bino Rideaux. While the South Los Angeles collaboration trend continued with Drakeo The Ruler, the two-song release finally paired Blxst with someone from outside California; the New Jersey-born, Atlanta-based Russ, whose independent hustle and usual choice of introspective content pair with Blxst’s like wine and cheese.

Russ showed off more of his heartbreak anthems earlier this year with videos for “Misunderstood,” “Hard For Me,” and “Bankrupt,” so his collab with Blxst sees both firmly within their respective comfort zones, coolly insisting that their peers need to step their game up.

Watch the video for “Fck Boys” above.