Morray Shows Love To The Hood In His Tender ‘Trenches’ Video

“The hood” figures prominently into many a rap song, but most often, it’s in a context of poverty, trauma, and violence as artists detail their rags-to-riches success stories, contrasting their humble beginnings with their newly lush surroundings. However, Fayetteville, North Carolina trapsoul artist Morray flat-out refuses to let that narrative continue to be the only one dominating hip-hop’s expansive landscape. In his new video for “Trenches,” he expresses love for his hometown, lifting it up instead of denigrating it by informing listeners of all the positive that comes from a proletarian upbringing in the hood.

“I got love for the ghetto, love for the hood,” he croons on the chorus. “Love for the people that turn the bad into good.” The video flashes imagery of neighbors, friends, crew, and family at play, cooking out, and watching over children as Morray explains that “everything is easier if you believe.” He also shows off his pitbull puppy and the energetic dance moves that first endeared him to fans who discovered his music via viral clips of his impromptu choreography.

“Trenches” follows “Quicksand,” “Kingdom,” “Switched Up,” and “Big Decisions” as the fifth single from Morray’s upcoming debut album Street Sermons, due April 28 via Pick Six Records/Interscope. You can pre-save the album here.

Watch the tender “Trenches” video above.