Key Glock Revels In Riches In His Instructional ‘I Can Show You’ Video

Young Dolph & Key Glock’s Dum And Dummer 2 has been out for nearly a month, yet the two Memphis MCs show no signs of pulling back on their prolific rollout for the joint project. After releasing videos for nine of the songs from the twenty-song project, including “Move Around,” “Rain Rain,” “Dummest & The Dummest,” and “Penguins,” they followed up today with Key Glock’s solo song “I Can Show You.”

The video has a relatively simple concept: Key Glock gives a step-by-step manual for making money, posing with his MCM Worldwide luggage and a rather large gun as CGI $100 bills fly around. The solo outing gives Glock the opportunity to highlight his own star power — which may soon be needed, now that Dolph has announced his official retirement, although he previously reneged on a promise to get out of the game. Fortunately, Key Glock has more than enough back catalog to support a long, successful catalog of his own.

His rise to stardom first kicked into overdrive in 2020 with a pair of albums that showed his hitmaking prowess: Yellow Tape and Son Of A Gun. In 2021, he’ll certainly be one to watch and knowing the Paper Route Empire crew, they’ve already got something in the works to make sure there’s something to see.

Watch Key Glock’s “I Can Show You” video above.