Lil Nas X Drops Some New Meme-Worthy, Satan-Themed ‘Montero’ Merch

Lil Nas X’s Hell-themed video for “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” has gotten under the skin of some folks, and perhaps nobody is taking more delight in that than Lil Nas X himself. He has long been a master troll and now he has taken it to the next level with some new “Montero” merch: A pair of hilarious text-heavy t-shirts.

One shirt reads, “I [heart] Jesus and that one part in the ‘Montero’ music video by Lil Nas X when he gets nasty with the devil because it was a cool form of self-expression and art.” The other reads, “I WATCHED THE “Montero” VIDEO BY LIL NAS X AND ALL I GOT WITH THIS LOUSY SHIRT AND NOW I’M ALSO GAY AND LOVE SATAN.”

Meanwhile, the rapper recently expressed concern that the song would be removed from streaming services for some reason he didn’t disclose, writing on Twitter that the song “may no longer be available tomorrow and there’s nothing i can really do about it.” Lil Nas X is clearly prone to making jokes on Twitter, but his label later backed up the claim. As of now, the song appears to still be available on streaming services.

Find Lil Nas X’s new merch here.