Ari Lennox And Queen Naija ‘Set Him Up’ In Their Vengeful New Video

Building on the storyline of their recent collaboration, “Set Him Up,” R&B revivalists Ari Lennox and Queen Naija share the vengeful video for the low-key infidelity call-out. Opening with Ari and Naija calling each other on the phone to talk up their respective new relationships, as the men in question are shot with their faces out of the frame, making the revelation that the “men” are the same man even more visually compelling. In the end, the two singers link up to sing the last third of the song on a couch, which their victim tied up and gagged behind them.

“Set Him Up” arrived on the heels of Ari Lennox’s prior duets with Lucky Daye, “Access Denied,” and Jazmine Sullivan, “On It,” showing off a wide range of topics for the D.C.-born singer to address as she prepares a follow-up for her fan-favorite 2019 debut, Shea Butter Baby. Meanwhile, Naija is a few months removed from the release of her own debut album Missunderstood, which helped legitimize the former YouTube star as a proper artist alongside guest stars like Kiana Ledé, Jacquees, and Lil Durk, who appeared on single “Lie To Me.” The two singers are part of a new wave of sultry, unapologetic R&B singers aiming to bring the genre back to the forefront of pop culture that includes Jhene Aiko, Summer Walker, and more.

Watch the “Set Him Up” video above.